Assisi hermitage
Eremo delle Carceri Assisi

I was telling a friend once that the best times in my life are when I have, throughout the day, said “God, what next?” And simply followed.  She told me later that she tried it and it was amazing. Beautiful things unfolded throughout the day.

I am not sure why I forget to be doing this every day of my life.  There has been such peace when I have done it and I’ve been led to wonderful experiences I didn’t expect.

My favorite and most memorable experience of this was when I was studying in Rome.  I had a difficult start; I was very lonely. But somehow I was able to surrender this to God for a time (I really don’t know how) and say “What next?”  Beautiful spiritual experiences ensued, and over the course of my three months two friends came to visit, another two friends were in Europe and we met up, I had some wonderful times with the people I was with and got to know them better, and my brother was there at that time and I saw him every week. For someone who is not rich and whose friends aren’t rich, this isn’t something that happens. I don’t go across the world and see five people I know who didn’t go with me. But it did.

This isn’t something magic, but it is something beautiful. “God, I give you my day. Protect me and guide me.” And throughout the day: “What next?”

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