For One, For Many

A friend wrote this quote to me: “You hold unconditional space for one, you hold it for the many…” (from Willow Way).

And I think it points to something. When we really loblack-and-white-lights-sun-ray-of-sunshineve one person, we love others besides. Our manner is better, our patience is better, and we are more likely to give others the benefit of the doubt. This also happens in other ways that we don’t understand. We love; it radiates out somehow. God uses it to help the world somehow . . . we don’t quite know how it happens, only that it does.

A mom who only has time to serve her children is actually making more of a difference in the world than she knows. That is a big job, and it is enough. But also, whether she sees it or not, what she is doing is having a larger effect. It may be in ways we never see, but it is there.

The other day I also wrote about how we sometimes don’t know if we are acting in a healthy way in relationships. This quote also speaks to that for me.  When we really love someone, it does radiate out. It helps us love others better in the ways mentioned above and more. When our relationship is controlling or selfish, often it closes in on itself.

So as we move deeper into real love, love that is truly giving and in which we love our own selves too, we can know that it will radiate. And that is a beautiful thing.

May God bless your day.



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