Who am I Writing to? Overdeveloped Responsibility

Alas! We are still in the midst of COVID. I have learned to adjust, worked an essential job, and kept being cautious while ceasing being fearful.  The information I was going to share with you changed faster than I could collect it. Life is strange.

I do not know that I ever specified exactly who this blog is for. I do have a target audience, and that target audience is people with an overdeveloped sense of responsibility. Many years ago, a professional actually told me that I was more aware of who other people are than my own self; I was more aware of others’ needs than my own. This was a professional who was well respected in both mental health and The Church, and so I was able to finally see that what seemed like a virtue was a problem. I thank God that she was there. That message can be hard to hear sometimes.

In life, there are people who trend toward receiving/taking and not giving. There are also people who are focused on giving, not receiving. What we need, in life, is balance. However, so many talks and songs in Church culture and areas of secular society are focused on the message, “Be more responsible.” They are designed to address that first set. If you are like me, you internalized this message, and your problem became worse.

Being overly responsible isn’t always obvious. We are taught to serve and to fight for causes; isn’t that the right thing to do? You may come home and binge watch Netflix or ignore people you love; that feels like self-indulgence.  What it is, for many, is overwhelm. It is a sign that something is off.

I’ve watched so many of my friends become paralyzed to the point of inaction because of the world’s problems. In this web-filled society, we are aware of them, and we feel responsible to do something, but that responsibility often leads to doing nothing.  One person can’t address all of the world’s ills.  As we learn balance, we can actually help others better and more effectively.  It won’t be a wide net, which is fine because there are millions of other humans who can cast nets too, but it will be an effective one. And we will feel more ourselves from doing the job that is ours to do.

Because of the messages of: “If you care, you will do this, and this, and this, and this …” It may be hard to recognize if this is you. No matter whether you identify or not, feel free to keep reading. I love that you are here.

May God bless your day.  😊