Doing The Thing

Happy Sunday! I hope that everyone is taking some rest today. Yesterday, I realized I wasn’t getting everything done I wanted to do, and was causing me some anxiety.  So I made a checklist. I really did. 

For me, nothing takes away the anxiety about something that needs to be done like actually doing the thing. And if I can’t do the thing, scheduling the thing is second best.  If I know when I will do it, I can worry about it then, not now.

Why talk about this on a Sunday?  I will get to that in a moment.  For now, I am simply employing suspense to keep you reading.

Now everyone has their own version of a list, but I will show you what I did. I made a checklist of a week’s worth of things.  Here is a generic example.

Daily Checklist2

The idea is to do each thing for about 15 minutes a day, but you can choose your own time unit. If I do the thing for more than one unit, I can cross out another day or days and not do it those days. This example is from a Saturday, but you see I’ve crossed things out for other days in the week already. BTW: To me, personal business means dealing with student loans, insurance, paying bills, getting the car checked, etc. If I do something every day, I should come out ahead.

So why indeed talk about this on a Sunday?  Because you get a day of rest! How lovely will you feel when, in your Sunday column, you just check everything off because it’s a freebie! Victory!

Also, notice I included having fun.  Sometimes we need to actually plan to do those things that keep us balanced.

This is just an example of course. You may choose a different style or just a dry erase board. But If I, who am generally listless, can make a list, you can too! This week’s sheet is in my purse as you read this, and I’ve actually checked things off.  It looks promising.  I will keep you posted in the comments of this post, feel free to do the same!

May God bless your day.



2 thoughts on “Doing The Thing”

  1. I mentioned I’d comment on how this is working for me. Well, in typical me fashion, I signed up for too many things, and haven’t gotten to them all. BUT I am doing a lot more than I was before this! I am looking at the marked-in boxes rather than the ones left blank and am very encouraged. I will adjust the list for next week. I have begun studying Spanish every day again. This is a success! Progress, not perfection. Hmm. I might blog on this.

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