Power of Prayer

I was sharing about prayer yesterday, and yes, it helps me greatly to pray for Ocean-Foam-1024x768others. It helps to pray for myself too of course! And any prayer that I may grow in virtue will most definitely be answered. If I pray for patience, I will get it. If I pray to love, it will happen.

My brother told me about this. When we pray for others yes, it makes a huge difference. But they have the right of refusal for the prayer. They can refuse the Grace, and so we don’t know that it will work, though still we try to bless them in this way.  When we pray for ourselves, for something that makes us better people, we are not refusing the Grace. It may be necessary to persevere in prayer. God isn’t like a magic trick. But it will most assuredly happen.  If I demand patience right now, that seems a bit ironic yes? Asking, sure. But we persevere.

I have also been thinking about how there seem to be bad things in the world, and a lot of people who pray are being distracted by electronics. Yes, there is extra grace released on the world when we pray. And the world needs it so much. God made humans as a family and wants us to look out for each other this way, and so it works. I have seen miracles happen before my eyes.  Let’s never let go of this devotion. Let us continue always to pray for the world more and more and set aside more distractions. Now is a good time to amp it up. We can make a difference right where we are.

May your day be blessed and beautiful.


Note: Look up the world mission rosary if you pray the rosary or are interested. It’s designed as a way to pray the rosary for the world.

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