Outward Healing

I saw a TV show recently in which a character had a new, powerful gift that he had just discovered. When he stopped for a moment to connect with it, the power raised up from inside him and saved all those around him from death. He didn’t know he had it in him. He was just an ordinary boy. But when he connected with what was in him, it helped those around him, and it helped him to know who he was.

Sometimes, I get into moods. I could be down in some way or just blah. Tonight I felt blah, and felt caught up in a selfishness as well. Then I remembered that I hadn’t offered my day up as a prayer for others, so I did that. Then I started praying for others, and I connected with God’s strength to reach out to them in prayer.  I felt different. The “blah” was gone.  My insecurity was gone, and I felt joyful and confident as I prayed for the world out of love for them and faith in God. And most of all, I felt like me again.

Sometimes I have a mood I just can’t shake. But almost every time praying for others fixes it. I don’t know how or why.  I don’t do it in an obsessive compulsive way, that doesn’t help; I just do it. And somehow it works. Over and over, when nothing else would work, this would get me out of that funk I was in. sunset-585334_640

I share this with you because I would hope that it would also work for some of you. If things aren’t going so well, try praying for others. Somehow, getting out of oneself like this and connecting with God really does help.  And even it it doesn’t, you are still doing good work. We need to pray for others no matter how it feels, and that is enough. But it just may help you too.

May God be with you today.

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