Overcoming Self-Criticism 1

Lately, I have been needing more of a challenge in life. I was talking to a friend about what that could be — what kind of challenge is right for me? There is a lot of mental energy here that needs to go somewhere.

It used to be that I was caught up in self-condemnation. I don’t do that as much anymore, but this energy had a lot to do with it.  It wanted to be used and challenged. Self-condemnation was a way of using it.  It created the drama that my brain needed.

I have noticed something about the people in my life who are hard on themselves. It seems that many of them have a lot of creative energy. Though their other energy may or may not be depleted, there is a huge need to create and analyze.  What happens when creative energy just sits there? Well, it never really does just sit there. It turns inward and people start to create self-criticism and unrealistic expectations of themselves. They begin to over analyze their own behavior.  That energy is going to work anyway no matter how it works. If it isn’t being used for anything constructive, there you are, the only thing it can be used on right now. Yaay.

BUT what if the creative energy were used for … hmmm, let’s see … creating? You might analyze a book, or paint a picture, write a story act, delve into the meaning of something, etc.  You may help a friend problem-solve (without doing it for them. I find much joy in helping children learn math for example). You may learn something new. When creative energy is used outwardly it can really help us stay away from those self condemning voices. Now, good self-reflection is great.  How was the day? Do I need to apologize for anything? What did I do well? Is there anything I need to change? Or doing an examination of conscience is great. But we can easily go overboard. For a well balanced life, it is helpful to do something creative and something that uses your brain, lest it turn in on itself. So, what creative or educational project etc. can you think of to do today? It doesn’t have to be for very long, but it might make your day a little more peaceful and you might be a little kinder to yourself.

May God bless your day.


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