Moving Forward

I recently made an organizational system and posted about it last week. I loved it.  There are so many things I want to or need to be doing, however, that I couldn’t get to them all. I look at my sheet and I see white spaces.  Have I failed?

I also look at my sheet and I see Xes.  I see marked in boxes of things I wasn’t doing before.  And I realize, that though I am not doing as much as I’d like to quite yet, I am moving forward and it is a definite improvement over what was.

I remember trying to give up sugar and not being perfect about it, but eating so much less sugar through the trying, and making steps toward better health.

The way many people approach New Year’s Resolutions is interesting.  Many people will resolve to do something, fail once or a few times, and decide to give up the resolution. People may decide to get healthy, fail once or a few times, and stop trying.  Some people realize they are a slave to certain desires, try to break free, and give up.  Life isn’t about success and failure, it is a journey.  Think of the widow in Luke 18:1-8.  She is rewarded for her persistence.  Maybe sometimes we need help, or a new approach. But some things are vitally important.  And when you keep trying, you are getting somewhere.  However slowly, you are getting somewhere.

People in twelve step recovery groups will remind each other “progress not perfection.” There is an understanding that life is a journey and we humans move forward and learn and heal, become more whole as a part of a larger process. We don’t need to listen to the defeating voices in our heads.  We can rephrase, and look at the good side.  Yes! We are moving forward.  Slowly, we are overcoming that one thing, and conquering that other thing, and moving forward. And that is good.  Progress not perfection. We are doing something; we are getting somewhere.  Two steps back? Who cares. You can do this. 


May God bless your day.



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