Using Memory

Sometimes things come together.  I am in charge of events, and I used to worry about being in charge of events. I used to fret and panic. Now I am starting to see that whenever I plan something, the needed volunteers simply show up.  It seems crazy, but it keeps happening. I used to work with a woman who told me that it always would; she had the same experience. “If this is the work of God, God will take care of it, ”  she would say. “For you maybe,” I would think. But it always came together.

When I look at my life, there were times when the only job I could get was in one area that didn’t pay well, but that area led to another related area and opened up doors. Things that seemed as though they’d never work out for me began to come together and to make sense as I look back.

Sometimes life is hard and things don’t seem to work out at all. It is here that we need tor rely on memory. God is faithful. He’s brought you through hard times before, and He will again. You will be alright. It’s easy to forget in the panic of the moment where reason shuts down,  but we can help remember with the use of a gratitude list, or journaling, or a good friend.

Where has your life come together? How will you remember that in the tough times?  Let’s make a plan and have it ready.

May God bless your day.



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