Like a Child

How many things do you do that you did when you were a child? I have noticed how healing it is to do things I loved back then.  Life can pull and push us every which way, and we can feel stuck with things that need to be done in order to have finances, insurance, cars that aren’t broken, etc. We can also get stuck in trying to live up to expectations.  But what about the real us?

As we grow older, some of who we are unfolds. Wisdom emerges from our minds, we become more who we are in a way that we couldn’t before because we lacked a language and other framework with which to express it. In many ways, our personality has been taking form.

In other ways, we become less ourselves, though I don’t believe that is the way it was intended to be.  Sometimes different factors of life distract us or press in; we simply become too busy. We also let go of childish dreams for other ones, but we might let go of childlike dreams for other ones too.

There is an importance to fun, to projects, to being who we always were from the beginning. Much of who we are we can find when we go back somehow. What did you like to do when you were young? I collected rocks, hopped down creek beds, wrote stories, made up songs, listened to music with my friends, danced around the living room,  lounged around talking about nothing . . . when I do one of those things again, something in me comes alive again and feels peaceful and free.

Is there something that is freeing to you, and feels like you, that you can pick up again?  It might be a little thing, just for today.  Give it a try. I bet it will make you feel a little more you.

May God bless your day.



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