To be in Awe 2

Kreuzite crystals

Think about this. Minerals form crystals.  We know this, sure. But really think about it.  Cooling liquid minerals, liquified from powerful heat from the earth through volcanoes, have atoms, ions, or molecules which arrange themselves  into ordered structures creating geometric formations. Evaporating mineral-filled liquids, such as saltwater, do this too. Ice does this too up in the clouds before coming down as snowflakes. Minerals form crystals.

Muscovite, aquamarine

What incredible order of nature.  And when you find a crystal in mineral shop or elsewhere, how old is it?  How much of history has it seen?

Quartz crystals

What beauty this is. It wasn’t enough for God to make scenery and flowers and plants and animals. We also have this. Minerals forming geometric patterns and oh! the colors, the luminosity,  the transparency. . .


Enjoy the pictures here, and enjoy today. There is much to see and rejoice in.

May God bless your day.

To find out more:

Sodium chloride (salt) crystals

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