Let it Fall

Anyone out there ever get exhausted because you know how something should be, but folks aren’t listening to you? Maybe you know the truth of something, but others are not convinced, though you know it would help them. Maybe you see suffering that can be waived if people just did one or two things, or avoided doing one or two things.  Maybe in a disagreement you don’t feel heard and it is frustrating.

At some point in my life, I noticed that I ponder past conversations.  I run them around my head and think about them.  I think a lot of people do this. We go over things in our heads. We think things through later.

In the moment, a person might not want to admit anyone else is right, or a person may have an emotional reaction and not be able to listen to what you are saying.  A person may also need time to think about things, and not be asked what they think just yet.  Giving others time to think is very important and respectful thing.

I am sure you’ve heard, “Trust God with those you care about.”  This is true. I’m sure you’ve heard that we can’t control anyone. This is also true. But one thing that helps this is to realize that what you share may be planting a seed that will later come to sprout when you aren’t even around.  I’ve found much peace in realizing I can make a statement, a case, or tell a story with a point, and just let it go, knowing it will be pondered later if it needs to be. It is something that has helped me do much more letting go and brought a lot of peace.

May your day be blessed.

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