Addicts in Paradise

I told a friend of mine that I thought that some of the addicts: drugs, alcohol, etc, were going to Heaven before others. I know it seems like a huge thing to say, but I was headed to a point. When addicts are driven to desperation, when they know that they cannot overcome their addiction, but that if they don’t overcome it they will die … there is only one choice. They ask for help. They ask for help from a doctor, they ask for help from a friend or family member, they ask for help from God.

Many of them go to 12 step groups. In this group, they learn how to ask God for help every single day,  every moment, in everything.  In the morning  they get down on their knees and pray “God, help me not to drink today.”  When they get angry or upset they talk to someone about it so that they can let it go, and they pray to God to take it,  knowing that resentment leads to the desire for their drug again. It is a way of life- asking for help from others … and at every moment, asking for help from God. And this way of life turns these addicts into amazing people, with more joy and serenity than if they never had the addiction in the first place.

Today, I challenge you all to ask for help in one aspect of your life. It can be something small, it can be something large. You can be asking your husband, wife, parent, sibling, or asking God. But I challenge you to reach out for help in one way or another this day.

May God bless your day.

Re-post from 2009


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