Color of Fire

 Recently I went to the beach and stood around a nighttime bonfire singing songs, talking, and just looking at the fire.  After a while, someone remarked at the colors in the fire. I didn’t think too much about it… there was always light orange, dark orange, and a little bit of blue: that is what I expected to see. After a while someone else remarked… there is green in this fire… and there was. I then looked deeper into it and was amazed by a light purple luminosity around a glowing orange log. It wasn’t the subtle violet of lilacs, but brighter, and more alive with red tones. It was beautiful.  After a while, I noticed this color was all around the coals, not just in that particular place. In all my years of fire watching… I’d never seen anything like it, or perhaps I simply never noticed.

I went out on the beach for myself for a bit and saw a shooting star. Later on that night, while looking up at the sky, I noticed that one star was flickering green and yellow. Someone remarked on it as well and I realized it wasn’t my imagination. He also pointed out the flickering red star above, and the non-flickering planet mars. These things had definitely always been there. But I never noticed.

There is beauty in the world. So much beauty. Some of it might be new to me, but some of it has always been there. I needed only to open up my eyes to see the gifts from God that are, and have been, always around me.   — March 2010

Today, may you notice beauty beyond what you’ve previously seen. May it touch you and bring you peace.

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