Balanced Mind

ENFP INFPI was reminded of something yesterday when digging into the solution to a problem. My satisfaction level for life increased quite a bit.  I remember when I was in a group that looked at poetry and philosophy and beauty in every day life.  Life was wonderful as I went through the day pondering these things.

We can get bogged down in problems, or our brains can get bored and go places that lead to negativity.  Some problems are real of course.  But without spending time using our brain power to look at what is true, good, and beautiful,  we can get off balance.

Examining some amazing work of nature, stretching the mind to comprehend the intention and feelings of a poem, working toward a solution to something, taking in beautiful things or sounds and letting them permeate your mind and heart … these must also be part of our lives to feel balanced and whole.

May your day be blessed and full of things  to stretch your mind and heart a little in joyful pondering.



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