Look Up

I was at a retreat of sorts one weekend, and I was deeply troubled as to how to sense Christ. Though always sensing Christ was not required, I was looking for something.

I do not remember which question I asked, but I remember the answer. It was “Look Up.”

IMG_0480I lifted up my eyes and I could see, in my minds eye but even more clearly, the loving gaze of a loving God looking into mine, seeing my soul, and loving me there. My image and heart shifted merely by looking up.


Smeagol was a hobbit who rarely looked up, and we can see where that got him as many of us know the character “Gollum” that he turned into. Though not everyone reading this is a Christian, the message, “look up” can remain.

Humans have more than physical needs, we have emotional and spiritual needs. We need Truth, Beauty, Goodness, and Love. How are we to see these if we focus always on what is mundane or difficult? We need sometimes to look up.

One way of looking up is to make a point to pay attention to beauty. Another is to read something beautiful, deep, and/or encouraging. Another is to make a gratitude list.  Another is to do what I did, simply look up and notice The One Who Is Love delighting in your presence and loving you.

Today, let’s pick just one way to “look up,” and see what difference it can make.

If you are looking for a way to see more beauty, feel free to CLICK HERE to see my Pinterest Beauty page.

May God bless your day.




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