A New Season

I went to write in a coffee shop one day.  As I was going to leave,  an elderly woman smiled at me and told me her name. So unused to talking to strangers was I that I passed right by her. Surely she was used to the culture and would understand.

Upon leaving and reflecting I was a bit haunted by the look in her eye, and I realized that my failure to respond would be considered rejection by her. She isn’t from the same time as I am; she seems to be from a time when people were kinder. I then decided to say “hello” the next time that happens. Several weeks later I found out that she was with a group that visited from a group home, and I felt even worse.

A bit later I met a man at a certain grocery store. I like to go there now and then when I can afford it and write while I sit looking out the window. It is a nice area.

The man is young, and he is also challenged in some respect. He asked me all the places I’ve been and told me all the places he’s been. I can tell as well that he most likely also isn’t in touch with the “social norms” and, in order not to repeat the same mistake, I made a point to talk to him.  He is positive and friendly, and it made my day so much better to speak with someone who was very wide-eyed and who appreciates other people.

Every person reading this is from a different area with different cultural ways of being. Ignoring people may not be a thing where you are, and there is prudence in doing that sometimes. But there is also charity in simply smiling, giving a greeting, or actually taking a few moments to chat. We never know where the other person is coming from, and often reaching out in “charity” ends up making our own day much better, and we see that it is not really “charity” but an exchange between two human beings, making the world a bit brighter.

May God bless your Day.


4 thoughts on “A New Season”

  1. This reminds me of a lady I met while waiting for the bus and on the phone with my sister on New Years Eve.
    I had been invited to a get together at a bar by a friends sister. I went and sat in the bar for an hour and never saw my friends sister or anyone else who was invited. I had messaged on facebook and sent my friend a text as well as the same to her sister. Neither of them responded, so I posted on the invite that was sent to me on facebook. She did respond to the post that I had made on the invite and told me that no one was going to go, so she was at home! I was a bit miffed and told her that I was leaving. It was bitter cold out that night and I was not dressed for the weather.
    After I had posted on the invite I had people messaging me and texting me asking me if I was ok. One of those people was my sister, who called me and she told me she wasn’t getting off the phone with me till I got home. So I’m standing waiting for the bus trying to stay warm and this lady comes walking up and commented that I looked cold! I said I was and we got started chatting for a few minutes. She told me that she was going to the mini mart up the street to get a beer for when the ball dropped. She went on her way and I continued talking to my sister on my phone. On the lady’s way back I noticed that she was holding a cup of something hot. She got to me and reached the cup out to me and told me she had gotten me some hot chocolate and hoped it would help me stay warm while I waited for the bus (it was a 20 minute wait). I was so grateful and thankful and expressed that to her. As she walked away she said “I love you and Happy New Year”. My sister made the comment that she had to be an angel!
    I could have brushed her off since I was on the phone with my sister, but she seemed nice and my sister didn’t mind me chatting with her. God blessed me that night as well as when I read this! Thanks Jess ❤

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